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Sandbox Definition

Sandbox Definition Overview#

This page lists all sandbox definitions that instructors can use to create a pool of sandboxes for training instances. It consists of a table where each row represents one sandbox definition.


Instructor can click on the title of each sandbox definition to redirect to the definition Git repository or click the expand button to show detailed info about the sandbox definition. The last column of this table contains actions   that can be executed on the given sandbox definition:

Display topology

Click the button to redirect to the page with the preview of the virtual network topology of the given sandbox definition.



Click the button, and the following confirmation window will be opened:



Only sandbox definitions not assigned to any pool can be deleted!

A new sandbox definition can be added by clicking on the create-button button that redirects the instructor to the Create Sandbox Definition page.

Create Sandbox Definition#

Before creating a sandbox, the sandbox’s topology and user configuration of the machines in the sandbox needs to be described by the sandbox definition. It contains all information needed to create a sandbox instance in a cloud. In the current version, the sandbox definition is created outside the KYPO platform and then stored as a Git repository.

The page in the KYPO portal contains only one panel with two required fields:

  • Git URL: Git clone SSH URL of the sandbox definition. See the picture below.
  • Revision: A revision parameter typically, but not necessarily, names a commit object (mostly master).

If these fields are correct, a new sandbox definition is created by clicking the create-button button.